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Hello Friends!! [03 Nov 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Just wanted to say i got a new live journal and its love_is_blinde!!!! so thats it

peace out for this one


Helix Hunnies!!!! [31 Oct 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Last night i hung out with my friends angie, alycia, and jenni penni!!!! It was so fun we all had like a slumbo party it was great. I really enjoyed it im glad that im making new friends and stuff. Im hoping this year will be so great!!!!

We went shopping today for homecoming. Im the only one who go their dress. Its actually pretty funny cause my mom picked out the dress like the other day and i didnt really like it much but then today i tried it on just for laughs and it looked really nice and the rest of the hunnies thought so too so i got it. I tried so many freakin dresses on and i finally found one that was me so its great. Im gonna get gold shoes with it or i might just spray paint my airwalks gold again instead of silver so ill put back to the original!!!! And im gonna get a gold purse i already saw like a billion and one of them so its all settled i still have til friday to do everything.

Tomorrow is crazy just cause i get out at 11 from school doesnt mean i have to start all hella early and shit. I have work at 12 til 7 thats pretty hard corely gay i dont like it too much. Tuesday me and jessica are hanging out which will be totally awesome and wed i work 645 til close but we will see what goes on and stuff. and i dont really know what goes on for the schedule the rest of the week... oh yeah im on sickcall thursday and friday so im freakin set and excited!!!!! yay!!!!!

Im hoping school is gonna be so freakin awesomet this week. I really want to develope my pics from halloween cause its gonna be siiiiiick!!!!! oh man keith..... what a boy..... hes so exciting and i dont know why. I really thought he was gonna win king and i know he deserved it its such bull i felt really bad for him cause he didnt win. And when they called his name barely anyone cheered but i did really loud. But i couldnt really hear them say his name i heard them say "4 years varsity soccer" and i knew it was him so it was cool and all except when they called averys name damn dude what the hell. Oh well but i think that one of the dance keith will definately win.

When i was watching all that homecoming king and queen, it made me sad cause i dont want to admit it but as much as i do i want to be queen for some dance. I think it would be so exciting. And since this stuff is based on a point system, i already have 8 points i just need to get into a nother club like french club again and i will have 10 and can be queen. I think princess is even awesome!!!! i really hope that one of my dreams can come true. Thats not really a dream its more a .... i dont know the word but its definately not realistic.

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Joe Dirt is for lovers!!!! [29 Oct 2004|10:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

Man i was so freakin nearvous this morning. I serioulsy thought no one was gonna dress up for holloween but they did. I am THE Joe Dirt!!!! It looks so sick. I thought no one would even know who i am for halloween. I was just gonna say i was white trash if they didnt know who i was or joe dirt was. Their loss anyways i dont care. I got lucky and found my wig at walmart for like 8 bucks it was cool. And i had my jeans and shoes and stuff just needed an shirt that resembled joe dirt so i bought an AC/DC shirt and its cool anyways its not like i waisted my money i like them anyways so im good with that.

So i got to school and everyone was like oh joe dirt!!!! It was nice im glad they know good people lol. I woke up pretty late so i had to do my make up side burns and mustache stuff and fast as i could and i sort of smeared it but its alright. Im having fun anyways. Im in graphic arts right now and i just test printed my emery shirt. It looks real nice. Better than i thought im happy about that. And i know already there are some people that are about to sport that shizzle like danielle and michael and me definately and now other kids from my class that i introduced them too. They are only about the best bend i know besides you know modest mouse and and all those 70's 80's and early 90's rock, now thats great. I love that music i grew up with it ever since i was born in the best. I would prefere that over anything else.

Nov. 11 or 12 dead poetic is playing at ground zero. Im really hoping i get to go to that. I hope i dont have to work cause i really want to go and i dont really want to request it off cause i did that already to much and i already have 2 days requested off in nov. So if i am scheduled im gonna switch with someone anyways i just hope that my boss says yes. And some kids too!

Im going shopping for my homecoming dress on sunday with jessica its gonna be fun we are gonna see taxi or napolean dynamite i already have tickets so its cool to see either one of those. i really hope i fine a great dress its my last year here and i really want to go to the dance and everything. Tonight i will be going to the game after work. Jessica is gonna pick me up and then we go. There is a tail gate party for seniors and im on the list i dont really care too much about that cause every senior gets to go. I actually thing they put my name as joe dirt on there lol but i dont know. I know its at 4:30 but i get off at 6!!!!

caitlin- sorry that we havent been able to hang out i have been busy i told you that already. i dont know when i am free and when you are free and i dont even know why i am so busy but its been fun.

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America!!!! [22 Oct 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Tomorrow is my ACT's and i have mixed feelings. Im confused, i dont even know what going to be on the test. And i wasnt sure where exactly it was so me and my mom went to check it out and i think i know where it is but not exactly. I really hope i see people i know there, that would be nice.

I saw that movie Team America: World Police. Awesome movie. I really enjoyed it. I got to see it with jessica which was cool. you know.... i dont know if i already said that lol. Well im gonna see it again i just dont know when but yeah its gonna be funny but i dont think as funny though cause when ever you see a movie twice its just not the same if you know what i mean.

Lately whenever people ask me where i want to go to college and if im gonna go there i just say csuf you know the fresno college. They sort of give me a weird look and say "why do you want to go so far? you should just go to sdsu and stay down here dont leave san diego" so i wonder if when they say that they actually mean that they want me to stay down here so they can still see me and possibly hang out or what not. I dont know, but i just sort of wondered that. Alot of people today thought i was sad and wanted to know why but i just said i wasnt, but truth is im hurting... .real bad. I keep thinking about my grandma and everything. So much stuff is confusing right now with that and then i have to think about school and im really worried how im gonna pay for it. Im hoping that its gonna be o.k. for everthing.

Mon. is emery!!! i really want to go but cant but maybe i still can ill just see if i can take me moms car or if she can give me a ride. I dont care if i go by myself i really want to go.

Tonight was such a special. i really enjoyed it, i got to go and hang out with my mom. We went to anthonys just cause i got good grades we celebrated. She was really sweet. And then earlier she brought me some french cakes. Im too stuffed to eat them right now but i will a little later like tomorrow.

im trying to find a blond or dirty blonde mullet wig if anyone finds one let me know purdy please!!!!

mullets for love and life

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[18 Oct 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Yeah so i got back yesterday at around 6:30 or 7. I unpacked and i noticed i brought waaaaay more stuff back than when i went. I did go shopping....a lot!!!!! It was real cool up there i really enjoyed it. Half the time on the way back my cousin was all "so did you enjoy it" and "Whats up little barbie" It was funny though but annoying at times. I actually got to fall asleep for an hour which was half hour more than when we went up which was good.

I work wed. 4:45- 10 (close), friday im on sick call and saturday i work 5-10. Not to shabby i would say! I got new cool shoes i really like and my sis tried them on and she really liked them too and was all "barbie really likes brown" yeah i do its one of my fav. colors i love it lol. It was funny though.

Tomorrow i actually get to hang out with jessica. She is one of my best friends and she has just been really busy lately and me too but not as much as her though and we finally are hanging out we are gonna go to the movies and see that police one? i dont know the name but its the police puppet movie made from the south park creators and baseketball dudes!!! Its gonna be sweeeeettt!!!! I also want to buy the new JEW cd it is really good i listened to it on the leak and it sounds freakin awesome. Im excited.

Well thats it for now. Happy birthday to all those people born on oct. 17: RION, Anthony, and oscar!!!!!

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still worn out from yesterday!!! [16 Oct 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | delerious ]

Today was such a cool day! I really enjoyed especially since it is my last day here like the whole day last day cause tomorrow technically is my last morning lol.

I had good sleep last night except for the fact that there was a fire in the building and the alarm went off at 4:30 AM so we all had to run outside. There was a lot of smoke. We got to go back in like 10 ir 15 min later it was real funny. But luckily i fell right back asleep i was dead beat. We woke up at like 9 and got ready and stuff, went to eat at SONICS it was so freakin yummy i love it but i wanted to try the sonics thing but i couldnt. Maybe before me and my cousin leave we can stop there for one lol. But i took lots of pics thats cool. I had fun.

We went to the fresno fair it was pretty cool. I dont think as cool as del mar fair but pretty nice. I got my umm... shoot i forgot the name but its like this fried bread and they put powdered sugar and strawberrys if you want oh yeah funnel cake yeah it was real good. We looked at the animals and i took pics of goats and baby ones it was cute and then we watched the horse races it was real fun. AFter that we went to ivans hotel and we all took a nap for like an hour. i was so tired and it didnt seem like we did too much either. I kept falling asleep everywhere we went lol. Oh yeah i went to the college book store it was real cool I got shorts that say fresno state on it and two shirts one for my BR buddy at work and me.

We just got back not too long ago from playing pool It was real cool cause they had a juke box but it was way more up to date and they had THURSDAY what are the odds it was fareakin awesome! i also played switchfoot the vines and the used. It was real cool and there were a couple of hotties there!! i was psyched. But yeah i kicked so much butt!!! yeehaaaaaww!!!

Lori took me on the tour of the apartment today its way awesome. If i go to fresno and i definately plan on it i will live here. And we will be roomates lol we already decided it lol. There is a free tanning which i sort of need im running low on color lol and pool table mini movie theatre work out place and game room its pretty sick filled with lots of goodies!!! For a two bed Two bath for two peeps its 575 each and for 4 bed and 4 bath for 4 peeps its 499 each. We want it to be just us two so we dont have to hastle with locking our door every day lol. Plus how sick would it be plus its only 76 bucks more what a deal. And free AC and free cable, sewage, utilites and washer and dryer and desk and dresser and bed and everything all i need is clothes food and pans lol.

Well i guess thats it i will be back tomorrow so yep

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college, tour, long, day, shopping, .... and oh so much more [15 Oct 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today i had a really fun and long day!!!! Lori had school in the morning so i slept in til 9. She was nice enough to let me sleep on her bed and she slept on the couch but we will see what happens tonight if i have to sleep on the floor or what not. We went and tried to help this alchohol awarness event going on with student union. It was so awesome! I got this real cool shirt that has a beer bottle in a condom rapper i should take a pic and post it... yeah i think i will do it a little later after i develope my film. They didnt really have much stuff for us to do so we just left to the book/ school support spirit type store. I got pens and pencils and a school planner. Im gonna go back so i can get my friend a shirt from work and i might get a sweater. I also got postcards too! they are tres chouette!! (very cool). So about 1 o clock i had my college tour. I got a lot of info. Its such an awesome school. All i know is that i would never want to stay in one of the dorms i like this place where im at you share with like three other girls but you get your own room and your own bathroom and stuff Its pretty neato. After the two hour tour which wasnt so freakin great we went to this farmers market and got ice cream. They make their own ice cream here which is really cool and really good. Tomorrow my cousin ivan will make his famous the best in the world peach cobbler yumm!!

We went to bobs big boy for dinner i hope you know what that old school great restaraunt is. its really cool i took so many pics its like the only eatery left in california so yeah its special i think. I get to go to sonics tomorrow for lunch im psyched about that!!! I bought bobs buttons they are really cool i just didnt know that they were freakin 3 darn bucks for those that sucks hard coreXXX I also got my aunt this mini bobble head boy thing for 3 bucks and its more like the price. Its real cute. I still want to get my mom something but i really dont know what. And maybe get my dad something.

I went shopping at the mall. I went to wet seal and they have so much cuter stuff there than at the one is san diego which is cool. They had this 2 for 1 sale so i spent 26 bucks on two pants they are cordoroy i like them a lot. I also went to marshalls and got new shoes! Asics i think thats how you spell it they are beigh with brown and blue string things they are real good looking i like them much!

You know... i got to meet a squirrel. Yep.... It was cool the squirrels they arent even scared of us or anything i got this real close up pic of it its pretty im gonna put that up too lol!!!

Tomorrow after shopping again for school stuff, we are all gonna go to the county fair i really hope its fun im counting on it. I miss all, ill be home sunday night.

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Im in Fresno Babies!!!! [14 Oct 2004|08:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I finally made it to Fresno. Lori has some real cool roomies and her place is ultra docious!!! I really like it. Im goin to go and eat at bobs big boy witch will be freakin awesome cant wait!!!! It took like 6 hours to get up here. Im really glad i get to go here. I just feel sort of bad cause like i feel like a tag a long or a third wheel cause im with ivan and his girlfriend is lori and stuff so i want them to have some alone time and stuff so i guess i better find a boy lol jk!!... really no im not kidding lol.

I get to go bowling tomorrow which will be awesome. and I am going to an alchohol awarness carnival tomorrow and on saturday im going to the fresno county fair like the del mar fair but fresno down here which is cool cause i didnt get to go up there. Im gonna take so many pics man i am so freakin excited!!! yay!!!! I will just see what comes up for me. I have to get dressed to go out and then ill be back to sleep and i get to sleep in im a lucky duck. Her roomies are really cool i feel like friends already which is weird caues i never really feel like that but yeah its cool we are gonna watch mean girls together and stuff. We will see

mullets for love and life

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tomorrow is the day!! [13 Oct 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Tomorrow i will be gone and going away to fresno just alittle while dont be too sad. Well... its not like much people would be sad if i actually did go to fresno like if i moved away. I always wondered what it would be like to move and start over with new friends and a new life practically. i dont have much friends here and the friends i have are slim to none. They are pretty caitlin... yeah your pretty nice lol. sometime i feel trapt here and i cant spread my wings. I know i have so much freedom and stuff but there is something apart of me missing i dont even know what. Even though People say they are my friends i feel like they just say that so i dont feel like a loser. Even though i do anyways i dont know why though. In the end your only friends turn out to be your family anyways. As long as i have the unconditional love of my family im hoping everything will be ok. And with kaley here i hope its even better.

Right now i am listening to the leak on mtv of jimmy eat worlds new cd and watching kaley bear! Its such an awesome cd i cant wait til tuesday to get it siiiick!!!!! Its on my list for sure. I might go to the utah football game next friday i think with jessica. Thats cool cause we havent gotten to hangout the whole summer or yet at all so im looking forward to that. that and seeing alex smith fine ass!!!! lol jk, wait... no im not kidding.

ok kaley went pee pees i gotta change her like a good aunt. Peace out little homies.

mullets for love and life

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Is it really what i wanted? [11 Oct 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Lately i have been working mucho. I dont know why. i used to complain a lot about not getting enough hours and stuff. But im glad that i got the hours cause i want more money but it sucks cause i get tired hard core. Because so many people quit lately there is no extra help so its like two people all night long and it gets pretty crazy. Ive been working 5-7 hours. Today 7 It was ok i got bored though. Was more hours what i really wanted? i dont know.

So i had my SAT. who ever else did i hope they did good!!! I hope i did great. It was second time taking them and the first time i didnt do good but this time felt way better for some reason. I think it might have been because last time i was distracting there were so many damn hotties all over next to me and this time there wasnt at all it was like geeky girls and ugly guys so i just paid attention to my work. I really feel i did better on the verbal and the math so i guess we will just have to wait and see.

On thursday im leaving to Fresno. Im going to check out cal state fresno. I might go there!!!! I think i am already so its cool. But just in case i dont get in, I better apply to other schools. I would be hella sad if i didnt get in though. Im going on a tour and going to classes and going to talk to a french teacher and stuff. Im also going to bobs big boy!!!!! sonics!!!!! the malls up there and a couple fairs. It seems like a lot, but theres not many days. I dont know what will really happen. Im just glad that i get to go. It kind of evens out with school cause im not going on friday but i am really actually going to school friday but with my friend cause im visiting her its actually my cousins girlfriend. but yeah

me and caitlin are supposed to hang out some time. I hope that would be cool but i dont know it depends on how busy i am. we will see. I hope its fun and not just going to the mall and barnes and nobles even though i raelly do want to go to barnes and nobles lol.

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friends quiz [07 Oct 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

Lets see if any of you guys really know about me... you know? dont be a CHUMP!!!!

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[05 Oct 2004|12:03am]
[ mood | dilerious ]

Work was really hectic last night. It was just me and two other new girls. I dont know if it was a test or something but it was freakin crazy. Me and the other girl danielle closed and we had to defrost freezers. That really sucked. We had to take all the ice cream tubs out of the freazer and put them in the walk in then we had to scoop out all the fallen ice cream that had fell through like the last month. It took like an hour. And we still had to do our own stuff. I thought that was crap cause it was two girls that have never done that before. We didnt even have someone who has with us so it was pretty gay. I hope that we did good though. I hope i dont written up for that. I didnt get out of work til about 11:45 so i got 7 hours of work. Thats cool with me though i need the money so im happy about that.

Danielle and michael are going to disneyland tomorrow and wed for their 1 year anniversary. Thats really cool. I hope they have a good time.

Caitlin- So what do you want to do for your pizza thing. Who is all gonna be there? I hope i can make it. i will talk to you soon.

I got to print my "joe dirt is for lovers" i did it on a sweater. It looks really cool. I forgot to put the sweater down more so the hood is like covering joe dirt. But danielle bought me a new sweater to do it on so maybe a different color this time or a different design. I dont know though cause the sink at school isnt working. I think someone poored like chemicals down it or something no idea..... Im thinking of making stickers just have to think of what stickers to make. Of course i heart joe dirt stickers right on lol. I want a really cool design like obey but not that you know? its pretty freakin sick. Im thinking of making an Emery shirt i really want to it would be cool.

well im working wed. 6-10 so come in and visit

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[02 Oct 2004|04:48pm]
Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!
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Oktooooooober fest [02 Oct 2004|04:31pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Today i went to oktoberfest today with caitlin and her friend anita. It was really fun!!! I went after the fact my brother has been trying to wake me since like 8 by jumping on my bed and pulling the blankets off of me and all that fun stuff. I ended up waking up at 1130 though. Oktoberfest was pretty fun. I though it would be ok but it was better. I got a little bracelet for my cousin its like wood and has soccer balls i think she will like it. I saw more store i wanted to go in but didnt say.

There were so many voter registrations things there is was really cool. I got a john kerry button and some george bush stickers and tatoos lol that was real coool. I was like waiting  and finding some bush stuff for my school project and finally i found stuff it was pretty sick!!! i was happy.

After oktoberfest we went to Dennys and had some fun. thats just that!!!! lol Caitlin is gonna marry the waiter cause hes voting for kerry. Now its just me and caitlin at her house just chillin. I dont know what we are gonna do but i hope its pretty fun. I want to go back to oktoberfest and look at more things but i think im gonna go with my mom cuase she reallly wants to go and stuff and we havent been to one of those things together in a while.

There is only 3 more days of prayer for my grandma counting today. i hope all goes well. This week has been pretty hectic but not like last week heck no not like last week. It sucks still pretty depressing. i dont know. well thats all
i work tomorrow 12-5 .... i think stop by and see me.

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One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesnt belong.... which one?

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[28 Sep 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Today was pretty cool day for me actually. I havent really had a good day that was just cool and not to happy or anything i dont know if i actually make sense lol. man i crack my self up.

I no longer have my gold shoes now.... they are now called my silver shoes!!!! they look like robot shoes lol. And then i spray painted wood outside my house and of course it says "joe dirt" lol its sick.

Michael made a shirt it says munch and it looks pretty cool. Im gonna have to make one of those myself lol. By maybe in telecom it would come out pretty sick. But we will see!!!! I tested printed my shirt the joe dirt is for lovers again i did it in hot pink though. Well more like bubble gum pink. I am definately gonna have to bring a black shirt for that. I need to buy a grip of shirts for that lol. Man i hate those people raggin on my joe dirt and david spade. They suck poo poo wee wee!!! There are some cool people though that actually do like it and that i adore it lol. that is nice of them lol. i dont know if they lie to make me happy though or if they lie not to make me dissappointed in them. Man joe idrt is like my little bro or sis yeah like that. i defend it when it gets its feelings hurt. lol im crazy i know that lol.

today i have work. Im hoping to see some friendly faces in there. i guess mcjessica went in there and walked from her house which is freakin crazy i dont nkow if thats true or not but maybe lol. I didnt even work that was freakin gay. Tomorrow we get to hang out at the county court room and stuff it will be tubular lol were gonna have so much fun tomorrow lol i hope. I dont really want to do that whole group thing cause its gay i kind of just want to be with everyone like switch from group to group. I hope that there is some cool people in the other classes.

Today in telecom i had so much fun. I was laughing so much. Alot of people were gone due to SDSU field trip for their research paper. I was dissappointed about thaT. I was late today and i wrote a note to get a pass. Like 5 minutes when i was in class a note came for me. I thought it would have been something like they know i forged my dads signature but no. i did really know what it was till the end of the class and it turned out to be my mom who thought i needed a ride to that court house thing lol. I was all freaked out it was funny. I guess i should have told everyone it was tomorrow. but i know my dad knew. well i guess that it. I have work today i hope its just dandy. maybe i will see someone there i know or something.

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the unseen [26 Sep 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

yesterday what my grandmas funueral. It was really sad but also such a good thing. I took downt he gifts in the church you know the body of christ and stuff. I was all shaking and crying it was really hard for me. I just dont want to let her go.

The other day at work i saw this lady who reminded me of my grandma a lot and then i start to cry so i have to go into the back room. It was alright later on.... i think not really too better

It was nice at my uncles house yesterday i got to see a lot of people i havent met and havent seen in a long time. I have so much family. I got to see my grandpa and i thought i would be scared but i wasnt. I havent seen him in like 10 years and i remember then i was scared. Everyone told me i looked nice it was good to hear cause i really wanted to impress my grandma. Later on i was looking at the pictures of my grandma and was crying. It is really hard to get over such a loved one and the ceremony was so beautifully said of things she liked to do and stuff. I cried like the whole time. At the party my uncle salomon cheered me up and stuff he was being pretty cool.

This guy i used to like was there. I liked him a lot. We talked a lot too so it was freakin awesome! He was sitting a lone so i went up to him and stuff and i seriously didnt think i would cause i was all nervous. My sis said too and i suprisingly did. We talked about a lot of stuff too bad i dont remember too much of it.

Later my uncle, aunt, me and my cousins were in the game room and alfredo the hotties name lol was there also with his friends but he wasnt talking with us. My uncle started to say how every year i get older and prettier and that guys will think im so pretty cause my legs, cheeks and definately my lips and smile. i dont beleive that crap cause no guy has ever though i was pretty so yeah... but then we were all laughing and alfredo too and he was looking back like in the corner of his eye and my uncle was all and i better not catch you staring at her lol. I wouldnt it mind it though. It sucked to see him leave cause we barely ever see eachother. but it was sick.

every cousin went back at my uncles at 9 and 10 to play halo it was cool. we ended up playing at 12 cause my couisn at the adapter and there was 16 of us. we ended at 6 in the morning. I fell asleep way earlier though. all in all pretty swell day yesterday.

nothing else has been going on with me except that and work. rachel left me at school so i have like no friends in telecom but im talking to people now that i didnt last year and we were in the same class so its way better now im proud.

im making a shirt and it says "joe dirt is for lovers" it looks sick i test printed it

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just a tad [19 Sep 2004|09:54pm]
so right now my life feels empty just a tad. My grandma was in the hospital for a little bit and died yesterday. My heart has a peice empty. I know she is in a better place right now with my great gradma who passed last year. I miss them both soo much. I barely got to see my granma i saw her like 1 month ago it sucks.
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[12 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
My Best Friend is emoheart7
Our 21 common interests are: billy talent, blindside, coheed and cambria, copeland, counterfit, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, die radio die, family, god, mae, music, nada surf, noise ratchet, pedro the lion, saves the day, smashing pumpkins, the cure, the rocket summer, thursday
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

So sorry caitlin that i havent been able to call you. i wasnt home at all today. I went to my uncles swam and had a bbq it was real fun then right when i got home i had to go the play and i saw you called. I will call you tomorrow ok on monday and we will hang out i dont work til wed. and then sun im on sick call on friday.

The play sweeny todd was boring. Its more like teeny weenie todd lol jk. It was realy boring it was a little cool i think cause my pops went. So after intermission we jetted out i had a blast though just being there with family.

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it was okaly dokaly [11 Sep 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Kostons game of skate was awesome!!! i had a great time. And suprisingly there werent too many boppy bitches so it was sick. I saw little corey johnston there but we didnt talk but im sure he saw me ... i think i dont know. And we saw this kid derek that is a sophmore now but i didnt notice it was him at all but i saw his stud in his chin or whatever. He popped in our group and said "you guys go to helix" and we got all scared and crap it was funny though. i kind of just stood there though cause i dont think he noticed me at school to notice me off campus and stuff but he must have been looking at my sis or something though lol.

they were giving away free shoes and stuff but you have to find a golden ticket under chair and by the time we got there everyone took them all which sucked poo poo wee wee. When we first got there we tried to go into this other place where there is like this brand trade show i dont know what it was but you have to have a pass and to get that you have to own a company or something. That would have been so rad to go into. P.J. Ladd won the game and 10000 bucks of eric kostons money. That would have been funny if koston won his own money lol. Well im glad today was great. And yeah that weird dream i had last night that i mentioned before... i kept thinking about it a lot.

We were all gonna go have a bon fire and stuff but we fell asleep so instead now we are making jellow shooters. Its gonna be real fun

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Es game of s.k.a.t.e. [11 Sep 2004|01:18pm]
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Today im hoping that it will be the best day yet. I already had a good night dreaming about this guy thats really cute and cool but he was a murderer and we fell in love it was interesting lol but it was sort of cool. So today me danielle and michael are all going to the Es game of s.k.a.t.e. its already late it started at 1 but we are gonna go at 2:30 cause michael has his class to be manager.

I bet ill see a lot of people from school but i dont care. Im just gonna do my own thing. I bet im gonna see a grip of teeny boppers looking for hot skater guys which is lame. Its free ... well it says that on the internet so im hoping it really is free. some dude is gonna be spray painting shirts there and there are gonna be so many damn siiiiick as hell skateboarders.

Im just gonna let today lead the way. Amanda already tried to get me to babysit or to go with her and her sis to some place but i said no to both thats a first too lol. I just told her i might do something with danielle but didnt say exactly what cause everyone just wants it to be us three. im hoping she doesnt read this!!!!

There hasnt been much that has been going on around here. I have just been working. Maybe tomorrow i might go to a play at the star light bowl to see sweeny todd im hoping that will be awesome its a horror one lol. Ive been hanging with danielle and michael a lot lately and amanda tags a long... or maybe its me who does i dont know. Amanda tried to tell me today that i need to stop hanging with danielle and michael cause i always ruin their time together and that cause me they never get a lone time. Thats bull cause they invite me adn i know that they would say no so they can be a lone together. I do give them a lot of alone time. And plus amanda always asks them to take her places or to hang out with them so i dont know why she has to say stuff to me and sometimes they dont even want her to go cause its annoying cause she invites her self alot.

well thats it.

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